The much-anticipated second release of Ladom Ensemble features tight, infectious, energetic and virtuosic performances by each member. Pianist/composer/arranger Pouya Hamidi, accordionist Michael Bridge, cellist Beth Silver and percussionist Adam Campbell play both as soloists and ensemble musicians in the wide-ranging musical genres performed…. Ladom Ensemble is an exciting, evolving group with musicality, technical acumen and an overwhelming sense of joy in playing.
— Wholenote Magazine (2019)

Everyone said it was our best concert of the year. Each member of the group is so well spoken and the high level of musical talent is astonishing. ...Glenn Gould would be impressed by their rhythmic precision and dynamic artistry. This is a group that can communicate in so many styles with passion.
— Sarnia Concert Association (2018)

The ensemble achieves that delicate balance between emulating the song and placing a unique stamp on it. ...the cello and accordion take turns as convincing avatars of Thom Yorke, and the arpeggios referenced in the title and played on guitar in the original are beautifully rendered here by pianist Pouya Hamidi. Percussionist Adam Campbell brings the arrangement to an intense climax.
— CBC Music (2017)

Toronto’s Ladom Ensemble are not your typical chamber group. In many ways, they represent a changing definition of chamber music which sees musicians increasingly looking away from a purely Eurocentric purview…. they can play pretty much anything. Even Radiohead.
— Musical Toronto (2017)

Elegant, contemplative, rocking, and fiery... and judging by the follow up of the development in the city I’m not the only convert to their sound.
— CBC Radio, Big City Small World (2015)

I can honestly say that this is the first time I have heard such a fascinating mix and it really works well. The music can be very elegant and contemplative and it can also be rocking and fiery and there is no denying of the passion of the four musicians investing in their playing.
— CBC, Errol Nazareth – CD Review (2014)

Production values are high with the live quality captured adding an additional listening dimension… Ladom Ensemble is a great group performing great music in a new world music direction.
— Wholenote Magazine CD Review (2014)

The response was overwhelmingly positive and required the group to perform 2 encores. Even after those the audience remained on their feet and they would have loved more. The joy was universal and the standing ovation totally spontaneous.
— Jane Harbury, renowned Canadian publicist (2014)